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 Our goal is to provide women with an over the top experience, and an excellent hair hairstyle. We bring you up to date styles, new hair tools, and real deal healthy hair care. Every stylist does several models per month to sharpen their skills. Which allows you the ability to sit in any chair in the salon comfortably and get a great hair style.

We provide exceptional services to exceed the most demanding standards:

  • Full Sewing Weave

  • Partial Sewing Weave

  • Sewing - Frontal

  • Sew in - Closure

  • Extension Tightening

  • Extension Removal

Weave & Sew-in

Fully Sewing Weave.JPG

Full Curly Sew-in

Ombre - Copy.JPG

Ombre Sew-in

Angled Bob.JPG

Angled Bob Sew-in

sew in closure.PNG

Sew-in Closure

Full Sew in.jpg

Partial Sew-in Weave


Full Partial Sew-in

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